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Meet Dr. Brian Reedy

Dr. Brian ReedyDr. Brian Reedy didn’t always envision a career in medicine. The board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist once planned on becoming an accountant! Today, Dr. Reedy is the Chief of Women’s Services at Crittenton Hospital and a passionate Ob/Gyn Physician.

Why Obstetrics?

After switching his career goals from accounting to medicine, Dr. Reedy attended medical school at the Wayne State School of Medicine and knew quickly that he wanted to continue studying obstetrics and gynecology. “Obstetrics is one area, but it has one of the greatest diversities. You do primary care, gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, and even some psychology,” explained Dr. Reedy. “It is also one of the most positive, uplifting parts of medicine. Medicine can have a lot of negatives to it, but obstetrics is very positive.” Dr. Reedy says these positive outcomes from moms and babies is why he stays so passionate about what he does.

A Day as the Chief of Women’s Services

Dr. Reedy explains what his typical day looks like as both a practicing obstetrician and as the Chief at Crittenton Hospital. It’s common for him to leave a committee meeting to meet a mom ready to deliver or to complete a C-section and then work on administration tasks for the department. “My days are a balance between my work at Contemporary Obstetrics & Gynecology and working directly with the staff in the Women’s Services Department,” said Dr. Reedy. “I also spend a lot of time working with committees that focus on evidence-based medicine to continually improve standards in the hospital.” Dr. Reedy is a part of multiple Michigan-based committees that are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients across all hospitals.

What about Fun?

Dr. Reedy may spend a lot of time on the clock at Crittenton, but when he is not delivering babies, helping moms, or working with the Crittenton Women’s Services staff, you can bet he is outside or enjoying local sports teams. “I like pretty much any kind of sports,” said Dr. Reedy. “Going golfing, heading out to a Wings game, or boating.”

Why Crittenton?

Dr. Reedy purposefully works with Crittenton, and he says it is because of the quality staff and technology that Crittenton has remained dedicated to providing. “Crittenton has that hometown feel, rather than a huge network feel. We have a truly great nursing staff, high-risk pregnancy obstetricians, and neonatologists on staff to provide care for our newborns who need it,” Dr. Reedy explained. All of this means that moms and babies who come to Crittenton for care have access to high-risk pregnancy and newborn experts and should the unexpected happen, Crittenton has the staff and the technology to care for you.

About Dr. Brian Reedy

Dr. Brian Reedy received his medical training at the Wayne State School of Medicine. He completed his obstetrics/gynecology residency at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI.