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Meet Dr. Gouri Pimputkar

Dr. PimputkarDr. Gouri Pimputkar felt a calling to help women in their health journey from an early age. When she attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree, she was unsure how to best pursue that goal. After completing a Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Wayne State University, Dr. Pimputkar felt confident that a career in medicine was the best avenue for her to help women and their health.

Following Medicine and Her Heart

For Dr. Pimputkar, becoming a physician came hand in hand with becoming an obstetrician and gynecologist. “I had a little bit of a different story during medical school. Instead of liking every department I trained in, I was trying to find a program I liked more than Obstetrics and Gynecology.” She admits, “I couldn’t. This was for me.” She also explained that her grandmother, a role model for her, was a practicing Obstetric and Gynecologist.

Dr. Pimputkar completed her fellowship training at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and then came back home to Michigan to complete her fellowship program.

Becoming Your Own Best Advocate

As a practicing OB/GYN physician, Dr. Pimputkar tells her patients that the best health advocate is you. “My job as your physician is to make you as educated as possible about your health,” Dr. Pimputkar explains. “That includes routine screenings and if there is a problem, we want the best medical or surgical, conservative or alternative therapy. Because gynecology is an intimate discussion, it’s important for patients and physicians to be able to communicate.” Dr. Pimputkar is encouraging this by empowering women with education so they can make the best decisions for their health.

The OB/GYN field today continues to show signs of that progress. “In the past, patients have felt as though their physicians dictated the treatments plans. Today, patients are becoming more educated about their health and are able to be a part of that conversation,” Dr. Pimputkar states.

A Passion for Women’s Health

Dr. Pimputkar says she stays as passionate today about women’s health as she did when she started because of the unique continuum of care that she experiences with her patients. “Women’s health is applicable to women at every stage in their lifetime. The range goes from young girls who are experiencing changes to women who are in their childbearing years, all the way to menopause and beyond,” Dr. Pimputkar says. She has seen patients as young girls at 14 years old and later served as the doctor delivering their babies a decade or more later. “It is a great continuum of care,” she explains.

Dr. Pimputkar also believes advances in technology make the field even more exciting. “Right now, it’s an amazing time to be a gynecologist because there are so many advances in minimally invasive options. Whether it’s urinary incontinence, heavy bleeding, or other health concerns, women have minimally invasive surgeries and non-surgical medical options available to them,” she says.

Dr. Pimputkar believes in being challenged in her work, and gynecology has the new techniques and procedures right now to help women be healthier. She does clarify that while gynecology is a challenging and exciting field to be in, obstetrics is something she will always be amazed by. “Each birth is different.” She continues, “No matter how seasoned a practitioner you are, who is in control during a birth is the baby inside. What happens is different because each birth can be so unique.”

Why Crittenton

As a Crittenton physician, Dr. Pimputkar says her relationship began with Crittenton a long time ago. “I grew up in Troy, so I have always known Crittenton. I have friends and family who work here.” Dr. Pimputkar explains that she loves the nurses, the doctors, and the comfortable feel that comes with this hospital. “It is a little diamond in the rough, in many ways. Crittenton has the cutting edge technology but a small community hospital feeling,” she explains.

Dr. Gouri Pimputkar received her medical training at Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her obstetrics/gynecology residency at St. John Detroit Riverview Hospital.