MonaLisa Touch | Painful Sex & Urinary Incontinence
Rochester Hills, MI

Changes in the vagina happen to all women due to childbirth, menopause, or hormonal changes related to aging, hysterectomy or other medical conditions. Unfortunately, the result can be pain during sex, vaginal dryness and frustrating urinary incontinence. Sadly, many women assume that these issues are “just a part of getting older” – or are simply too embarrassed to discuss these problems – and suffer in silence.

At Contemporary Obstetrics & Gynecology we offer advanced MonaLisa Touch laser therapy to help restore the vaginal tissues, which reduces bladder leaks and helps make sex comfortable and enjoyable again. MonaLisa Touch is a painless, nonsurgical, very minimally-invasive in-office treatment that takes less than 5 minutes in our Rochester Hills OBGYN office.

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure offers both immediate and long-lasting relief from painful sex, vaginal dryness, and urinary incontinence. This treatment requires no anesthesia, has virtually no side effects, and requires no downtime or recovery period. Most women only need 3 quick and comfortable treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart.

If you are suffering from pain during intercourse, a dry or “loose” vagina, or bladder leaks, MonaLisa Touch may be right for you. Schedule an appointment at Contemporary Obstetrics & Gynecology in Rochester Hills today – and get your quality of life back with MonaLisa Touch.