SkylaSkyla is a type of intrauterine device, also known as an IUD. But what is that, exactly?

An IUD is a small, t-shaped device that’s placed in your uterus by your OB/GYN during a routine visit.  Getting an IUD is nonsurgical and typically takes just a few minutes. Once in place, it provides continuous, highly effective birth control.

Everyone is different, and some women may experience discomfort or spotting during or after placement. These symptoms should go away shortly. If they don’t, contact your OB/GYN. Within 4 to 6 weeks, you should return for a follow-up visit to make sure that everything is okay.

Skyla is an IUD that releases a low dose of hormones and is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to 3 years.

  • No daily pills, monthly refills, or trips to the pharmacy. You should make sure Skyla is in place with a monthly self-check. Your healthcare provider can show you how
  • Made of soft, flexible plastic
  • Completely reversible and can be removed by your OB/GYN at any time if you change your mind, so you can try to get pregnant right away
  • It may be smaller than you think (Actual size: 1.18”)

Skyla is FDA-approved and can be used whether or not you have had a child. It is available by prescription only.